IGBT Technology


Up Setter.
Axel & Shafts.


Power: 50KW to 500KW.
Frequency: 1KHZ, 3KHZ, 10KHZ, 15KHZ.
Water system Stand-alone closed loop recirculation system.
Output: Upto 3 KG Per KW.

Main Features

> Uniform Heating For Forgings.
> Automatic Pusher Mech For Bar Movement.
> Modular IGBT Compact Design.
> Multifunction Energy Meter And HMI.
> Low Units Consumption / Ton.

Special Features

> Ethernet, IOT Compatible.
> Tailor Made Design As Per Request.
> Billet Heater Interfacing.
> Can Be Used For Other Heating Applications.

Induction Bar-End Heaters

Induction bar-end heaters are specialized heating systems designed to heat the ends of metal bars, rods, or tubes for various industrial applications. These heaters utilize the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a high-frequency alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field induces electric currents within the bar-end, creating resistance and resulting in rapid and localized heating specifically at the ends of the bars. Induction bar-end heaters offer several advantages, including precise and controllable heating, uniform temperature distribution, reduced heating time, and improved energy efficiency. They are commonly used in industries such as steel production, metalworking, and construction, where heated bar-ends are essential for processes like welding, bending, threading, or forming. By providing efficient and targeted heating to the ends of metal bars, induction bar-end heaters contribute to increased productivity, improved quality, and enhanced safety in various industrial settings.

Product Highlights

  • Horizontal End Bar Heater and vertical End Bar Heater.
  • End Bar Heating System is Available with Different Numbers of Heat Station (The Minimum Is two).
  • End Bar Heating System is Widely Used for Bar-End and Partial Heating, and Particularly Well Suited for Fasteners and tools.
  • Coil Moving System with auto loader.
  • Auto ramp loader, pneumatic bar lifting arrangement, motorized heavy duty chain driven rollers, pinch roller assembly.
  • Guide rollers & other accessories, Bar loading arrangement from ground level.

Industry Applications