About Us

Company Profile

SUPREME INDUCTION is the manufacturer of Induction Heating Equipment in India , with total induction solutions at one step for its customers . In a short span we have earned a reputation of being high quality induction heating equipment manufacturer in the domestic and the international market.

Since our inception in 2009 Supreme Induction intends to be the preferred supplier of induction heating equipment through total customer satisfaction by providing quality equipment updated with latest technology and service as per customer requirements. From the beginning we have been emphasizing on innovative products and services which can enhance customer profitability and add value to their business.

What We Offer

We are one of the leading companies in India in Induction Heating Equipment industry. In our 20+ years in business, we have worked with 500+ companies to fulfil their needs.

Our Offerings Include:


We offer world-class induction heating equipment that are highly efficient and reliable. Our products/services useful for all inductions related applications.


We offer result-oriented services to our customers in a timely and effectual manner using the expertise of our veteran experienced professionals. We believe in building long-term Business Relationships.

Customer Support

24X7, 365 day service with genuine and cost effective spare parts of all reputed Induction equipment manufacturers in Forging, Heating, Melting applications.

Our Products

We have been manufacturing Induction Billet heaters as well as bar heaters and bar end heaters for forging having an extensive range of 15KW to 1000KW and having a frequency range of 500Hz to 30kHz.

We have manufactured Induction Heaters for applications such as pipe heating, strip heating, heavy angle heating, chain links heating, etc. We also manufacture Induction hardening and melting machines for a variety of applications.

We like to be updated with the latest technology trends and have been manufacturing IGBT based induction heaters since past 7 years which provides superior performance, power control and reduces electricity consumption.

Customers We Serve

We serve customers having a variety of applications using our products such as Induction billet heater, Induction bar heater, Induction bar end heater, Induction hardening and melting machines. The applications range from forging industry, tools and wheel manufacturing, shrink fitting, brazing and many more.

We have been supplying our products across India and Middle East since 15+years. Our customers are among the top forging companies in the country namely Automotive Axles Limited, Pradeep Metal, Laxmi Agni, Poona Forge Pvt. Ltd., Maso Automotives, Klassic Wheels, etc.

Our Team

The goal of Supreme Induction’s team of HIGHLY SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS is to provide its CUSTOMERS with services that are as high in standards as possible.

Supreme Induction’s testing facility is outfitted with all necessary testing tools, allowing it to thoroughly examine each product to ensure that it is flawless and free from defects. Supreme Induction’s team of quality control engineers works tirelessly to provide clients with the best specialized induction solutions possible.

We make every attempt to eliminate redundant tasks in order to IMPROVE EFFICIENCY and employee interest. We firmly believe that our customers should maximize from their investment.

With a wide range of applications including melting, heating, hardening, partial heating, annealing, shrink fitting, quenching and tempering, pipe coating, Supreme Induction has extensive experience in the field of induction.

Features Of Our Induction Heaters

  • IGBT BASED DESIGN with power control at 100% Solid state modified.
  • Input power factor(IPF) is 0.99 from 0 to 100% output power.
  • Output Regulation accuracy is +1% with +10% input 3 phase power supply. Rugged, Reliable & Flexible system.
  • Variable frequency ranges and Different power ratings are available for customized application .
  • Compact & modular unit with simple INTERFACE.
  • Unique SINGLE CONTROL CARD for total control results in: More reliability. More ruggedness.
  • Infrared pyrometer to control the temperature .
  • HMI Touch Screen for operator friendly operation.
  • Highest efficient Voltage source inverter to ensure constant efficiency

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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